Minton Lawn Care & More LLC. Let us relieve the stress of lawncare!

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We serve all of Dallas County and more


We offer a huge variety of lawncare maintenance needs.


Patio paver's


Gutter cleaning



Pressure washing

Deck and fence staining

Fall and Spring cleanup

Aeration and over seeding

Snow plowing

and of course lawncare

We take pride in our work so you can take pride in your home.

About us

We are a small family owned company. We started Minton Lawn Care & More LLC. in 2018, We absolutely love the experience we have had and the amazing people we have been able to help in the Dallas county and the surrounding area. We take so much pride in our work and making every clients happy. That is why we stand behind our work 100%

Customer's testimonials 

Josh Minton and his Team have done a phenomenal job for me each time I've called. From Lawn Mowing and Trimming, Fall Leaf Cleanup, and Power Washing the House and Shed to Snow Removal and Shoveling Josh does a fantastic job on all of it! I highly recommend him. I guarantee that You will not be disappointed.

~Pam Bach~

Highly Recommend! Josh did an amazing job placing Holiday lights on our house. He is great to work with and very thorough and conscientious. He brightened our holidays! Looking forward to having some landscaping down this spring.

~Julene Wilson~

Does an amazing job with snow removal. Definitely goes above and beyond, and will follow up if you need anything else done afterwards. Very quick and thorough. Great, friendly service.

~Katelyn Stanley~

If you're looking for a friendly dependable company to take care of your lawn care and outside needs, look no further! I would highly recommend Minton Lawn Care & More.

~Deb Smith~

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Mark Evoy
2 months ago

Mike Sandquist had been doing my mowing and trimming. Recommended you as a possible replacement as he retired. I work at home and could meet most any time for a quote.
Thanks, Mark

Kristopher Mackaness
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Diane Saltzman
4 months ago

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willie knolmayer
7 months ago

looking for someone to mow my yard next year, my address is 926 82nd court in West Des phone # is 5153212232, let me know

Russell Beaman
8 months ago

I need a person to scoop snow of the sidewalk, front steps and a 12 X 12 Deck this winter in Adel.